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Brovedani Group
Consisting of 3 companies and 6 production units, the Brovedani Group operates in accordance with communal directions and established values that result from a culture and a history which began in 1947, when Brovedani’s first facility opened in Pordenone in 1947.

The strong points of the Group are its organization and its creativity, as demonstrated by the remarkable innovation the Group has brought to the field of mechanics for B2B, both in the conception of the product and in the parallel, team development of production processes and their industrial applications. This innovative spirit has contributed to the success of the Brovedani Group, which has become an essential supplier for multinational firms such as Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Eaton, Magna, Magneti Marelli, Sanden, VCST and others.

Technologies and solutions
The Group has invested heavily in advanced manufacturing and control systems for the mass production of technologically sophisticated mechanical components with high standards of quality.

What’s more, the Group’s advanced engineering services develop dedicated product-processes in areas that include the design and construction of custom-built machines with integrated multiple technologies and the management of production lines for outsourced products. As a result, Brovedani is a reliable, world-class partner offering a problem solving approach to meeting the customer’s needs (Case History).

Brovedani’s vast experience serves a worldwide market of prestigious customers with flexibility and constant innovation. The Group’s products embrace a range of applications that include automobiles, electrical appliances, motor vehicles, building construction materials, hardware, and others. At present, its core business is the production of high quantities of components for automotive use, including specialized solutions for injection pumps and for both gasoline and diesel Common Rail injection systems




Brovedani quality

For many years, Brovedani Quality has depended on the intelligent organization of production into processes, as supported by an advanced computerized management system. Also, an operational approach is employed in which great value is ascribed to human resources and the highly stringent criteria of quality engineering have been adopted.

The operations of the Group are organized into projects according to a project management method that is used in all departments.



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